Orctober, 2007


Only a few days left! Enter your pumpkin by the end of the day on the 31st and you might just win my pumpkin carving contest. If you haven’t already, check out the complete rules here.

Be sure to check back next Monday, for I will be announcing me the details for my next contest.

My latest movie is coming along well! I have the first two scenes (out of four) done and in the can. Here are some sample screenshots of my new movie in-the works:

* Scene 1 Teaser 1
* Scene 1 Teaser 2
* Scene 1 Teaser 3
* Scene 1 Teaser 4

I think I forgot to officially announce that the Writings section has been added (did I? I forget). Anyhow, all my short stories, poems and novels that go back as far as 1998 are up there for folks to read, if ye be havin’ the hankerin’ to read science-fiction, fantasy, historical fiction and satires. I’ll try to have navigation links for the page soon.

I recorded a new song but didn’t have the time to edit it in time for today’s update. I’ve been working too hard on this new movie. I’ll try to have the song, as well as new teaser screenshots, in time for Monday.

My new store has been doing well! I’m glad that the merchandise (shirts especially) have been so popular. If you have an idea for a new design, go ahead and let me know on the forums. I’ll probably be able to make one. And, if you find yourself possessed with skills of an artist and would like to design something for the store, by all means, feel free! Message me over the forums if you would like image specifics.

Have a good week, and see you next Monday!


Happy Monday! I’ve added a new song to the MP3 player below entitled "Mortuus’ Proposal"—the song Mortuus sang to Lacy in Inventing Swear Words 3. You can hear what it sounds like without the instruments and just the vocal harmony.

My pumpkin carving contest is well under way! Check out the Pumpkin Carving Contest Forum to see what pumpkins have been entered so far, and check out the Official Rules to enter your own pumpkin. The winner can choose an item from my store.

I’m almost finished with the first scene of my new movie. I’ll try to have some teaser screenshots sometime this week.

If you missed it, I co-hosted Menuet’s show The X last week. You can listen to the hour-long show here.

RinjTC from the forums posted the exploits of Bifuu and his friends. See the lengths that TRUE fans of ROFLMAO! will go to!


And here are some recent blog highlights:

Oxhorn on The X—Again!
Oxhorn on WoW Wiki
Lyrics -- The Great Kodo
Script – Inventing Swear Words 2

I’m planning on having a new contest in November, and regular monthly contests thereafter, so check the site often and participate! See you Monday.


The results are in from the Machinima Festival Europe 07, and neither of my two nominated movies won. That’s ok though, the nominations themselves are enough of an award! Tracy from the festival contacted me last week and asked me to record an acceptance speech in case I won, since I was not able to attend the festival in person.

I decided to have fun with it, and I turned it into a machinima acceptance speech. Even though I did not win anything, you all might find it interesting, so I am posting it here:

These past few weeks have been pretty crazy, what with me having to make trailers for my nominated movies and machinima acceptance speeches, but now that the festival is done and over with, I have time to work on my next project. My goal is to get two new movies done by the end of the year, one of them being a Christmas movie (I do one every year). I’ll try to have teaser screenshots as I progress.

Announcement, announcement, announcement! I hereby announce the official Oxhorn Brand Pumpkin Carving Contest! Carve a pumpkin referencing my movies, take a picture of your creation, and I will select a winner. The winner will be able to choose anything from my store as a prize (except for framed pictures). Take a picture of your pumpkin, post it on my forums, and you are automatically entered. You can carve and enter as many pumpkins as you want! I will choose a winner on Halloween night and message the winner over my forums.

Be creative! You can carve the face of Associate Professor Evil, or Hat the Singing Turtle, or Mortuus being an ubar l33t d00d—anything you want, as long as it pertains to my movies. It is October the 15th, and you all have until midnight on Wednesday the 31st (my time) to submit your images. I’ll announce the winner and post pictures of all the entries on my blog and front page for everyone to enjoy, the day after Halloween. You can read the official rules here:

Oxhorn Brand Pumpkin Carving Contest 07 Official Rules

Have fun, and I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with!


I found a cool website that allows you to upload MP3s and then embed a player on your own website. I often get messages from people asking how they can get my music, and I think this is a great way to offer the songs from my movies.

Folks are not able to save my MP3s to their hard drive, but they can come here and listen to them in full whenever they want. Right now I have all the music from my musical movies, as well as all of "Oxhorn's Lessons on Music" from the credits of a number of my movies, and a few skits and gags. I will be adding to the player over time, and I'll include blooper reels from my movies. I'll even record new skits and new songs every now and then, just for fun, and which won't appear in any movies.

I've also updated the Movies page and included "extras" for many of the movies, where you can find movie posters, lyrics, scripts and so forth.

I've finally added my short stories, poems and novels to the Writings page. I'll include a navigation menu eventually, but everything is up of people would like something to read.

The MP3 player is below. Just click play and enjoy the songs!


The Machinima Festival Europe 07 has selected Inventing Swear Words 3, along with 10 other machinima movies, as worthy of merit, and they will premiere it at the festival. This has made me very glad! I was hoping ISW3 would get some sort of recognition.

I'm working on some new script ideas, but haven't started any new movies yet. I might come up with something soon though, so stay tuned!

Here are last week's blog highlights:

Interview with Oxhorn -- The Alliance Herald

Machinima Festival Europe 07 Selections Announced -- Inventing Swear Words 3 is in!

WoW Homepage -- Machinima Section

See you on Monday!