February, 2008


Brandon's Blog, Supplemental:

I won't get Orcs in SPACE! 2 done by Monday, but it will be darned close. I had something else take my attention at work. I'll have many great screenshots for you though. Just letting you know so you won't be disappointed come Monday :P

And yes, that was a geeky Next Generation reference.


Happy Monday! I’ve started work on Orcs in SPACE! 2. Yes, I know. And I don’t care. MWAHAHA! My goal is to get it done by the end of the week, but we will see what happens. Here are teaser screenshots from the first scene:

WeGame is hosting its very first contest! The contest is called “Diggnation Best Kill”. To compete, upload a video of your “funniest kill” from a video game, post it to the group “Diggnation Best Kill”, and the one that gets the most “likes” wins. There are 14 prizes, the grand prize being an Alienware laptop, second place prizes being iPod Nanos and third place prizes being $50 gift certificates to ThinkGeek. Read the full details here.

While not technically a machinima contest, it will give you a chance to exercise your machinima-making skills. We hope to host a purely machinima contest sometime in the future.

Nathan has been kind enough to send me the movie scores for all the movies he has scored for me. You can now listen to them in the mp3 player below. Here are their individual links:

Thanks to everyone who “dugg” Inventing Swear Words 4! It didn’t get to the front page of Digg, but it got pretty close—to the third page, I believe. If you haven’t dugg it yet, you can digg it here. If you haven’t seen it yet, you can watch it here and the trailer here. Due to numerous requests, I have released the two major songs in the movie as music videos, which you can watch here:

Also due to requests, I uploaded an mp3 of Hat singing “If you wanna be happy for the rest of your life” to the mp3 player below. You can also listen to it here.

Join the Official Oxhorn Brand Movies Group on WeGame to leave me a message and see all my movies!

You can also join the Official Hat Fan Club on WeGame, if you think Hat is just too cute for words. I don’t think so, and Hat certainly doesn’t (he thinks he is rather manly and awesome) but that doesn’t stop people from thinking he is cute, for some reason.

We made a short machinima movie for Diggnation featuring Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht, which you can watch here:

And here is our Weekly Video Review 04 (I got Jeff SO good this time, hehe):

The Games section of the website has been updated. I’d give my web designer a big shout-out here, but he wanted to remain anonymous. Well, thanks anyhow O Mighty Web Designer! Ye doth rock-eth!

I’ve released a new store design! I thought I’d get more done, but I’ve been darned busy. You can see it here in my store:

If you have any cool ideas for store designs, let me know on my forums.

That’s it for this week! See you Monday with, if everything goes according to plan, a new movie. Here are this week’s blog highlights:

Oh, one last thing: I’m not checking my YouTube comments anymore. Sorry guys, I really tried to be the guy who responded to all his fans, but I just can’t anymore. I sort of stopped checking while working on ISW4, and now my inbox has 140 unread messages. YouTube only lets you answer ten at a time before you have to wait 30 minutes to respond to any more so… yeah, I’m done. You can always chat with me on my forums :)


Inventing Swear Words 4 is released! You can watch the full movie here:

If you like the movie, please "digg it" for me by following this link and clicking "digg it":

I have also released a short trailer for the movie which is fun in its own right:

The two major songs in the movie, "Dance Fellows Dance" and "Lovely, You're Lovely", as well as extended audio bloopers, can be listened to in the mp3 player below.

You can read the full movie script here on my blog:

Stop by the forums and let me know what you thought of the movie! I tried to get it done in time for Valentine's Day, but I decided to wait until today so that I could release a more polished version.

It took me three weeks to make this movie. I thought it would take me a shorter time, since I am now making machinima full-time, but I guess three weeks is what it took. This was a complicated movie though, and I hope to make shorter, less complex movies like my Short SHORTS! coming up here soon.

I'll have new items for the shop themed after ISW4 next week. I'm taking suggestions! Let me know in the forums if you have a good idea for a new shop design.

Nathan Allen Pinard has sent me the complete background scores for my the movies he has composed music for, and you can now listen to them from my mp3 player. Thanks Nathan!

Lastly, here is last week's version of WeGame's Video Review:


I'm hoping to release ISW4 on Valentines Day--this Thursday. That is my goal, and I am making great progress. If I don't make it by Thursday, well, it will at least be done soon!

Here are some sample screenshots from the three scenes I've finished this week:

WeGame.com has begun producing weekly reviews of the content submitted to the site. I and my coworker Gorndt have been hosting them. Check out the last two episodes here:

I'm hoping to make some changes to the site in the coming weeks, including a new, better forum and (finally) finishing the Games and About Me sections. In the meantime, chat with the community on my current forums, watch my previous three Inventing Swear Words movies in preparation for Thursday, check out WeGame.com, browse the shop and I'll see you soon!


Happy Monday! I've been working hard on Inventing Swear Words 4. Here are three teaser screenshots. Never mind the green X's, they wont be there in the finished version.

Last week I released a little movie chronicling my move from Seattle to San Francisco. You can watch it here:

I've received many messages of concern from fans since I announced my move who are worried that Staghorn won't be in any of my movies anymore, since Mark, my friend who does Stag's voice, lives in Seattle. Let me assuage such concerns! I recorded all the vocals for ISW4 with Mark before I moved down, and for all future movies, well, I guess I'll just have to fly him down here! And yes, Mort will be in them to, because I do Mort and Ox's voices.

That's it for now! Time to dive back into ISW4.