January, 2008


Happy Monday! I've accepted a new job with WeGame.com in San Francisco. I am the Creative Director in charge of making machinima movies and providing support for other machinima makers, which means that at the moment I am being paid to work on Inventing Swear Words 4! Check out WeGame.com, which offers a great alternative to Fraps and YouTube. Read my blog post, which explains my role and exactly what WeGame is all about.

And as I mentioned above, I am working on Inventing Swear Words 4, the--you guessed it--wedding episode. I have finished all the voice acting and am now in the process of piecing the video together. All our familiar characters make an appearance, and I've brought back Mark and Candace to do some voice acting for me. I have no set release date yet, but my goal is to get it done before Valentine's Day. I'll have teaser screenshots next week.

California is quite an adjustment, but it has rained the past few days, making it feel much more like Seattle for me. Hat is adjusting just fine and having free reign of my apartment, since I am at work all day. Which I'm sure suits him just fine. Now I just need to find a shop that sells freeze-dried crickets...


No big update today—I’ve been super busy this week. I have, however, finished the script for my new movie, and Mark and I knocked out the majority of the voice acting for it. I can’t give a firm release date for the movie, but I will guess sometime in the middle of next month.

I broke nine-million views on YouTube this week. My channel broke 500,000 views, and I’m also the 80th most subscribed-to director of all time on YouTube, at the moment. So that’s encouraging. To those who have been messaging me on YouTube, sorry, I’ll will get to them in a few days, but right now I’m busy with moving and all.

Which reminds me: I forgot to announce that I’ve accepted a job in California that will allow me to make machinima full-time. I’ll make an official announcement with complete details once I’m settled—maybe next Monday. Ah, I’ll miss Seattle. But I hear San Francisco is a pretty cool place to live too.

That’s all for right now—see you next Monday, with a more substantial update!


I’ve started playing the game again. Since I have re-activated my account, I've been inundated with messages--in my mailbox and via tells--so I have felt it necessary to write this post on my blog:

I've changed the News Archive section. I added all news archives since 2004 and I've organized them by month, since August of 2007. Here on out, I'll archive the news at the end of the month, but let it accumulate below until then.

I've also limited the posts on the blog main page to thirty days worth, and all older ones are archived, in order to reduce page load time.

I've updated the shop! I revised the Staghorn design so that it looks more like Staghorn, and I added a new shirt with a quote from Oxhorn's Christmas Special:


"Eat-eth me Pecan Pie! "


I've recorded a new song called Wild Mountain Thyme. I was inspired to record it after hearing a version by The Brobdinagian Bards. It is a Scottish folk song. I sang the song and played the tin-whistle--though not at the same time, of course. You can listen to it in the MP3 player below, and you can read the lyrics here.

See you next Monday!


I’ve been exploring a new job opportunity that will allow me to make my Oxhorn Brand machinima full-time. If this works out, I’ll be able to release new movies even faster than I do now—which is pretty darned fast! I’ll fill in the details later.

With everything that’s gone on this week, I’ve been able to make only one new store design. But it is one I should have made a long time ago!

That’s it for now. Next week I hope to have some changes made to the site and more shirts designed, but that all depends on what other events happen this week. See you Monday! Here are last week’s blog highlights: