July, 2008


Ok! So, in order to reveal the tantalizing secret I dangled before you last week, I am pleased to announce:

Jared my boss is offering $5,000 in prizes for this contest. We have a brand new Area 51-Alienware PC and 12 other awesome prizes. The contest starts August 1st and goes to August 31st. You can use any game and yes, folks from outside the U.S. are free to enter. So check out the group at WeGame for the complete contest rules and to chat with all the contestants :)

I also finished a new movie, which I will release on Monday, August 4th. In the meantime, I am diving right into a new one, which will be longer than my last two "short SHORTS".

Additionally, WeGame is having a party! If you are in the San Francisco area on Friday August 1st, feel free to stop by the office at 6:00 PM for food, dancing, music, drinks and enough video games to give you a seizure. We'll be playing Rock Band. Yes, I will be singing. Hopefully that wont scare you off.

RSVP here:

As always, you can see my moment-by-moment progress on my new movies by following me on Twitter. Here is last week's video review (complete with smoke rings!):


Happy Monday! If you missed it, I released a new movie last week which you can watch here. I'm also almost done with another movie which I should release at the beginning of next week.

I've got some exciting news that I can't wait to reveal, but I can't do it yet. Just be sure to watch the video review this coming Friday--I'll announce the details then.

As always, you can follow my daily movie-making progress on my Twitter page, chat with me over the forums, and watch all my movies at WeGame.

Have a great week! Here is last week's video review.


I have released my new movie! Here it is:

The Invisible Pink Unicorn

A man in a funny hat confronts three engineers who have mocked him for believing in the Invisible Pink Unicorn. Will the man win them over with the power of his rhetoric? Will the engineers prove how foolish he is and dismiss him? Or will the Invisible Pink Unicorn show up and startle everyone?

If you like it, please "digg" it for me by following this link and clicking "Digg It":

I wrote up a short supplemental that goes over the concepts set forth in the movie, so check it out if this sort of thing interests you.

and you can read the script here:

I've also released the WeGame.com intro slides for those who would like to use them in their own movies. You can find them here:

Here is last week's video review:

P.S.: ROFLMAO! broke 4 million! Wee!


I have finished my new movie! But alas, I can't release it until tomorrow. Sorry; I know how annoying that is, but that's the way it has to be.

In the meantime, I am working on a new script. I plan to make one more "short SHORT" and then work on a longer, more labor-intensive movie. I hope you all enjoy the movie I release tomorrow! It will certainly raise a few eyebrows, I'm sure.

Here is last week's video review:


Gah! A day late again? Blimey!

I've been hard at work on my new Short SHORT, code-named "IPU". It's not a very good code name though. Maybe I'll change it after I release it.

I don't have any teaser screenshots because I'll be releasing it probably sometime this week, or early next week, and it doesn't seem worth the trouble. Anyhow, it will be here soon.

If you'd like to read my moment-by-moment progress on the movie, you can follow me on my new Twitter page. This will grant you access to such rare outbursts like, "ARG Adobe crashed AGAIN and I lost three hours of work! ARGGG!" which I am sure you will find absolutely fascinating.

I have five new movie ideas and another completed script, so I have much in mind for the future. I have other things come up here and there at work, but rest assured that i will continue to come out with my Oxhorn Brand Movies.

I hope you all had a happy 4th! Here is last week's video review: