June, 2008


Happy Monday!

I've released a short little machinima spoof of Happy Days which you can watch here:

You can listen to and download the song here:

Since I've released it, it has been stolen by 4 other people on YouTube and even submitted by someone else to WeGame. Guess that means it is popular?

I've finished all my tutorials! I may come out with more in the future, but this should be enough for now. I want to start a new real movie here, so tutorials are done. Here are the new tutorials:

I have all the tutorials listed in the About Me section under FAQs, here.

I've been surprised at how many people have been following my new Twitter page. If you Twitter, you can follow my page here:

And I'm evidentially "on the map". A fine fellow named Red sent in this image:

And here is last week's video review:



I've released five new tutorials; four machinima tutorials and one SPORE creature creator tutorial. Here they are!

The 23rd already? Where is this month going?

As you will remember, I posted a thread on my forum a month ago or so trying to find a machinima intern to work at WeGame for the summer. StephenM, author of Thrall's Crib, won the internship, and he just released his first movie. It got not only on the front page of Digg, but was the most dugg story of all of Digg for that day! His movie has gone on to be featured on WoW Insider, Kotaku, Blue's News and many other places. Here is his movie:

And despite popular opinion, the Night Elf in the dress was actually Stephen's idea, not mine :P

I've decided to try out Twitter, for all those folsk who like to Twitter. So, if you are really that interested in what I had for breakfast and exactly what part of my new movie I am working on at any given point, you can find my Twitter page here:

I also added Oxhorn's Christmas Special under Movie Appearances for The Hordeshop Quartet on the Characters page (thanks for pointing it out Matt) and replaced the MP3 player below (I'm not sure why the thing keeps dissapearing on me). Also, I'd love to add Evan to the Characters page, but because my web designer is MIA, I can't duplicate the way he outlined the character's image in black with an alpha channel, and I can't find the font he used to make the title plate. If anyone is more Photoshop-savy than me (which isn't hard to do) and would like to help me out here, I'd be in your debt! Just drop me a line on the forums.

And here is last week's video review. I'll have some more stuff to show off tonight!:


Gah! How did I miss an update? Oh well, I'll make up for it.

So I have seven tutorials completed in all, but I am having some technical problems with a few of them. I just released tutorial number 5, but I have not released 3 or 4 yet. I'm working on getting those done soon.

I found a cool video on WeGame of a guy who made a murloc using SPORE. Now who would be so lame as to make a WoW creature in their free time?

Hmmm. Dunno. Big mystery.

And here is a video some guy made about two World of Warcraft "warlords" running for "warchief" of Kalimdor:

Just some guy. Probably pretty attractive.

I've also been asked to provide the desktop wallpaper seen in my first two tutorials. You can get it here:

And here are the past two week's video reviews. Be sure to watch the montage and bloopers at the end of #20!:


Happy Monday! I released my new movie last Thursday, and you can watch it here:

Associate Professor Evil Kills All Ninja Looters

I also spent some time updating the webpage. I updated the links section, finally finished the about me section, updated the movies section with my three new movies, and updated the characters section. I still need to add a few characters like Evan, and I hope to get around to that soon.

I also added a number of new designs to the shop! There is now an Evan category with a number of different Evan facial expressions from the movie. Cafepress also added new shirts and coats and hats which work well with my Evan character, so be sure to check them, out:

Evan in the Shop!

I've started a series of video machinima tutorials, which people have been asking for. Here are the first two in the series:

I'll have a slew of new ones for you next week. Have a good week and I hope you like my latest movie! Here is last week's video review: