May, 2008


My movie is released!

Associate Professor Evil Kills All Ninja Looters

If you like it, please "digg it" for me by following this link and clicking "Digg It":

Yeah yeah, you all guessed it, it was Ninja Looters all along, lolz. Here is a list of bonus features. I'll try to get the script up here tomorrow. Also, thanks for letting me know that the MP3 players is down from the site. I'll try to get it back up in time for Monday.


Happy memorial day!

I've finished nearly everything for my new Associate Professor Evil movie. All I have left to do are the credits and sound effects. I'm trying to decide whether to wait and release it next Monday or just release it as soon as it is finished, which will probably be tomorrow or the day after. I'll have to think about it.

Nathan has been working really hard on the score and he finished it last night, so the music is all good to go! In the meantime, here is the final wave of teaser screenshots:

In other news, things have been going well with viewership. Even though I post all my movies on now and only release trailers on YouTube, my YouTube subscribers have grown from 15,000 to 18,000, I have over 12 million views (up from 10 million) and am now the 81st most subscribed to director on YouTube (up from 88th last time I checked). On WeGame, my last three movies are the 10th, 14th and 22nd most viewed movies of all time, and the 1st, 2nd and 4th most liked of the entire site. So that is good news.

After I release this movie, I plan to spend some time working on this site. I need to finish the About Me section and maybe design some new store products. If you have any suggestions for improvements to the site and store product ideas, let me know in the forums.

Have an easy memorial day! Here is last week's video review:

  • 05.19.08

    I'm back from Seattle, and it was a great trip. Since I've been back, I have been hard at work on my new Associate Professor Evil movie. There is much about the movie that I can't show you yet because I don't want to give the whole story away, but these screenshots should't spoil it for you:

    And here is last week's video review (my voice is back now and I am feeling much better :P):


    A Friday update? Yep! I'm heading up to Seattle for a few days and wont have access to a computer, so I'm updating a little early this week.

    I've been working hard on my new Associate Professor Evil movie and I have some cool screenshots for you:

    And here is this week's video review:


    Happy Monday! The response to the release of my new movie An Oxhorn Brand Medley has been fantastic. It hasn't even been a week yet and it already has over 20,000 views at WeGame, and it's the #2 most liked movie on WeGame (Inventing Swear Words 4 is the #1 most liked, hehe). Thanks a bunch everyone for your support!

    Nathan Allen Pinard released a behind-the-scenes video of his set-up for editing and orchestrating the song. You can watch it here and see exactly how much work went into this song:

    Head on over to his website to hear some of his other music, and be sure to drop him a line in our forums (he goes by Sonrise on our forums):

    Right now Nathan and I are working on finishing up my new Associate Professor Evil movie. I probably wont have it done in time for next Monday because I need to leave town on the 9th, so my goal is to release it the Monday after next. Until then, enjoy my medley, enjoy my other movies and songs on the site, and stop by the forums to say hi!

    Here is last week's video review: