November, 2008


Happy Monday! I've released the latest episode in my series. Check it out here!

I hope you like it, and be sure to leave me a comment. I'm now diving straight into my Christmas movie. Mark who plays Staghorn came by last week and recorded his lines, and I'll be recording mine today, so stay tuned! I should have it done before Christmas.

Speaking of Christmas, sales in my shop have been going up, I assume in preparation for Christmas. No complaints here! I released some Christmas ornaments last week which should look pretty on your tree. I know I'll be getting some for my tree, heh. If you have any requests for shop items, let me know. I can now offer customizable but ridiculously expensive mini-camcorders to whomever is interested :P

I'll be out of town for Thanksgiving, but its my goal to get my music up on iTunes during that time. I've been getting your messages and emails--I'm working on it :)

Well, back to work for me. Enjoy the latest episode and I hope to see you on the forums!

Here is last week's video review:


Happy Monday all! I released the fourth episode in our Dynamic Action Team series last week. Check it out here!

My goal with this series is to make it enjoyable, even for those who haven't played the games. Let me know if I'm on the right track!

It's almost Christmas! Wait... it's almost Thanksgiving. That's right. You know, there is just something a little odd about going to a store and seeing all the Christmas decorations and hearing the Christmas music when it isn't even Thanksgiving yet. But, they obviously know something I don't, so I've got some Christmas ornaments up in my shop.

If you have any suggestions on what kind of items you would like to see in my store, or any new designs, let me know. Right now I have all the usual fare—shirts, mugs, mouse pads—and some other cool stuff, like teddy bears, throw pillows and beer steins. Cafepress FTW.

I removed my Pownce button to the left and have stopped using Pownce, mainly because I know no one who uses it, and because it just seems rather redundant when I have Twitter. The only other one I'm still on the fence about is Delicious, because I'm not sure how useful it is. Oh well, for now I'll keep using it.

I'm working on Episode 5 of Dynamic Action Team, and I also finished a script for a new Christmas Special! My friend Mark Pfaff, who plays Staghorn in my Inventing Swear Words movies, is in town for a few days, and he'll be doing some voice acting for the Christmas Special. So, if I get Episode 5 done in time, you should see a Christmas Special this year. Wee!

That's it for this week! As always, you can keep tabs on my day-to-day movie progress via my Twitter page, chat with me on the forums and browse all my movies on WeGame. Here is last week's video review:


Doh! Looks like I missed a week. Oh well, I'll just make this week extra special.

The Machinima Filmfest 2008 approached me a few weeks ago and asked me to produce a short sketch poking fun at either the election or the economy that they could play during their awards ceremony last weekend. Now that the festival is over, I've released it:

I've been hard at work on D.A.T. Episode 4. I've been releasing "sneak peek" photos of the movie in production, which you can see on my Flickr page. Be sure to subscribe to my Twitter page to receive updates when I release new sneak peeks.

I've added a few more networking sites to the list. If you are on them, you can now follow me on:

Gratz to all winners of the Machinima Filmfest 2008! Our good Stephen M. won TWO Mackey's for his movie World of Workcraft! You'll remember that he produced it while interning for us at WeGame, and we're really excited to see his talent recognized.

Yes, the election is tomorrow, but something much more exciting for WeGame will happen tomorrow. I'll be sure to keep you all abreast on my blog, but be sure to check out WeGame bright and early tomorrow morning!

Myndflame recently released a Halloween special. I got to play the part of the Father, and there are many other guest stars in this fun movie. Check it out here:

Here is my latest blog article:

That's it for this week! As always, you can keep tabs on my day-to-day movie progress via my Twitter page, chat with me on the forums and browse all my movies on WeGame. Here are the last two week's video reviews: