June, 2009


Great trumpeting trousers batman! It's Monday!

I'm almost done with my new movie. I'll have it done in the next few days. Here are some teaser screenshots to tide you over:

Our good Ntacman from the Oxhorn Chat has produced a desktop application to watch Oxhorn TV! Now you can watch Oxhorn movies streaming, right from your desktop. You can download the program here:

Thanks Ntacman! I'll keep you up to date with any future updates.

We have some new fan art from one of our youngest fans, the fair Laurana!

Thanks Laurana!

I've been hard at work trying to keep up with my goal of one new blog post per day. I managed to do it this week, but... heh, we'll see. Here are last week's blog posts, in chronological order:

I finished a project for a client, which has me happy. Money = Brandon can buy more pipes = all is well. I'll be sure to share it with you when they release it.

That's it for this week! I'll have the movie done for you in a few days, so keep checking me out on Facebook or Twitter. Be sure to stop by the Chat and say hi!


Happy Monday, all ye and every peoples! Lots to cover today.

I started up work again on my new movie. It will be a music video to “Gnome Overboard”, the song featured in Inventing Swear Words 5. I just started work on it again yesterday, so I only have one new teaser screenshot for you this week:

My CD is up on iTunes! It was at the #6 position in the comedy section earlier today—wow guys! You all rock.

I also released a commercial for the CD on YouTube, which has some fun bloopers you might enjoy:

Oxhorn TV has arrived! There is a new link above which will take you to Oxhorn TV, where many of my movies are streaming, 24 hours a day. There is also a chat room where you can talk with other fans who are watching what you are. Slower connections may have poorer performance:

I removed the “Games” and “Awards” sections and instead placed them in the News Archive.

I've completely redone my blog. “Chewing the Cud” is now a part of this website, and I will update it with a new article every day. The look of it does not keep in theme with this site, sadly, but not for lack of trying on my part. I just am not very good at web design. If anyone out there thinks he can make it look like the rest of my website, let me know!

Here are last week's blog updates:

I removed the Friendster link to the left and replaced it with a link to my Digg page. Friendster sucks. I'll be using Digg much more now, so check out my Digg profile to see what I have dugg.

We have two new fan images this week, and a fan recording—thanks everyone!

Some of you have been asking for me to place my old movies in my video podcast, and I intend to, but right now I'm working on the new movie. I'll try and get the old movies placed in the podcast soon though.

That's it for this week! Follow me on Twitter, comment on my blog and watch movies.

It's a good thing.


Happy Monday, one and all!

I released my E3 video last week, and it is already at 34,000 views on YouTube. If you haven't seen it yet, check it out here on Vimeo:

Be sure to leave me a comment!

So this weekend was the big Facebook vanity URL snag, and I managed to snag some nice ones. My FB account is now facebook.com/Oxhorn and my FB Page is facebook.com/OxhornPage

I love getting fan art and fan videos! Some more kids recorded themselves singing ROFLMAO! and it is as cute as all get out:

I've been working on a tutorial video for a client this week, which I thankfully finished over the weekend. I have to move into my new place and other such things, but aside from that, I'll spend the rest of my free time on a commercial for my new CD (which is still selling well—thank wayou all!) and I'll try to start up work again on my Gnome Overboard machinima music video.

My pal and composer Nathan Allen Pinard released a Christian worship CD this week. It is this sort of music that landed him a gig working on music for Disney. Be sure to check it out on Amazon MP3:

My video podcast on iTunes has shot up to be among the top 20 in the iTunes video game section. As of right now, my podcast is #14! Thanks everyone!

As you may have noticed, I added frames and new titles for the video and MP3 players below. I also added some new graphics for the chat room, which has been very active since I launched it a few weeks ago. Have any site feedback? Leave me a message on the forums.

That's it for this week! As always, follow my day-to-day updates on Twitter and keep checking back every Monday for more Oxhorn-ish news.


Wow, you guys are amazing!

It's been one week since I released my CD, and already, at its hight, it was in the top 200 digital CDs on Amazon.com, and number 3 in all comedy digital CDs. Even now it is #14 in comedy—thanks everyone! I never expected the CD to do so well.

Folks have been asking for a physical, pressed CD, and that is coming soon. It will be available on Amazon in a week or two, and I will let you know when it is there. Also, it will be on iTunes, Napster and other digital retailers soon. I'll keep you updated!

I moved back to Seattle—it is good to be home! Boy I've missed this place. I'm working on a number of projects at the moment, including a “highlights of E3” video, which I should release soon. It really should have been out on Friday, but what with the move and all, well, later this week will have to do.

I released a video podcast on iTunes! Now you can download all my movies to your iPod, iPhone or mobile device. If you subscribe to my video podcast, you will be automatically updated whenever I release a new movie. Here is the link:

Here is my list of upcoming projects: 1) Finish E3 video; 2) Make a few website tweaks; 3) Finish “Gnome Overboard” music video. So keep checking back, I'll be keeping busy!

I'll leave you with this video by faenaussa from YouTube, recording her kids singing ROFLMAO! Cute to the max!


Happy June! I hope May was filled with festivities and wonderments for each and every one of ya.

I finished my CD! You can now buy it as a digital download at Amazon.com. The final version of the CD has 21 different tracks and four brand-new skits which I made specifically for the CD. You can downlaod all 21 songs for $9.99 or individual tracks for $.99 each.

If you like the music, please give my CD a review!

I'll be at E3 this week from the 2nd to the 4th, so if you are in LA and will be in attendance, be sure to hit me up and say hi! Find out more about E3 here:

I've released an Oxhorn Brand chat room! Already it has become very active, so pull out your web cam, dust off your mic, and join us for penny-whistle jams, fancy hats, flying gnomes and many drinks.

I've removed the Games section from the nav-bar above and placed it in the Links section. I've replaced the Games nav-icon with a new Chat icon.

I've added a few new links to the left. If you are on Friendster, you can add me as a friend here:

I released all my HD movies on Blip.tv, so if you like Blip.tv, check me out here:

I now have an RSS feed of my new movies, which will be updated as I make new ones. For those who are RSS savvy, you can find my RSS feed here:

I changed a few button images to the left to keep them all of the same style (I has teh l33t Photoshop skillz, ftw).

I removed the ugly Friend Feed widget and replaced it with a cleaner Twitter feed to the left. Now you can see all my Twitter updates right here on Oxhorn.com.

I also did some minor site maintenance, including changing meta-tags, removing outdated links in the Links section, adding old contest pages to the Archives, fixing a few errors on various pages and so forth. The site should be much cleaner now. Let me know in the Forums if you have any feedback or suggestions.

I'll be leaving San Francisco on the 6th—to go where? I'm not sure yet, but certainly somewhere exciting. So, good-bye San Francisco, it was a blast!

That's it for this week all. Check back next week when I should have some more exciting news. Be sure to follow me on Twitter to hear any Oxhorn-ish news early!