May, 2009


Happy Monday one and all! Last week was quite a week. A couple of opportunities have appeared and things will be changing a bit in the weeks to come. Stay tuned!


Wow, you guys have been loving the new movie player below. Last week it's had over 1,500 plays. Not bad coming from my humble little website! Thanks all, and keep watching--I'll keep making :)

I updated the Movies page with all my new movies. I also added more mirrors to my old movies and placed video players on the page itself. Now you never have to leave to watch my movies! Yay!

I further tweaked my Connections list to the left by adding a Vimeo button and a Facebook Fan Page button, in addition to my normal Facebook profile. The FB page gets my streaming updates, and the Fan Page has an active community, so be sure to subscribe to both!

I finished uploading most of my widescreen movies to Vimeo, so you can watch them all in HD goodness. I also redesigned my Vimeo channel so it has a large HD player and a gallery list of my movies. Stop on by, like some videos and leave me a comment or two!

That's it for this week! See you on the forums.


Whew, what a week! I've been super-busy working on my resume, but that doesn't mean I can neglect my website.

I made some major changes to the main page. I now have a movie player directly below this text, courtesy of Vimeo. Now you don't have to go beyond my site to watch all your favorite Oxhorn movies! What's even better, the player is in HD--just maximise the videos and you have full-screen HD Oxhorn goodness.

I've also uploaded HD versions of all my latest movies to Vimeo, Facebook and WCM, so now you can watch in the best quality ever.

I pruned my Connections list to the left, and removed my least-used ones. I also added a Twitter widget so you can keep up to date on my Twitter entries from my main page.

I finally archived all the old updates. Now the main page doesn't go on forever!

I also achieved some YouTube milestones. This week I surpassed 25 million video views and 50,000 subscribers! If you missed it, I totally redesigned my YouTube page a while back--now it looks sweet!

I'm really in love with Vimeo. The quality is great, the upload process is intuitive, and the customization options for each movie page are fantastic. You can see my Vimeo page here:

That's it for this week! See you on the forums.


It's been a blast!

I was at for a year and a half, and I loved every moment of it. Sadly, I had to part ways with WeGame this week, but we parted on great terms and I still hold the company in high regard.

As for me? My options are open. We'll see where God leads me in the coming weeks.

I'm heading to Seattle for a few days to celebrate Mother's Day, so machinima is on hold until then, but never fear! I'm still a machinima guy.

Thanks all for continuing to watch my movies!

Here is my final video review:


Happy Monday the 4th!

I looked up from my monitor last week and said, good grief, it's Wednesday! But at least I had the movie done. Sorry for last week's absence, but I'll make up for it today.

Inventing Swear Words 5 is done and released!

It's been out for 4 days and is already at 18,000+ views, which isn't half bad. Thanks everyone for watching! If you missed it, be sure to follow me on Twitter, where I announce everything I release in real-time. I released a trailer on YouTube which you can see here:

I released the Gnome Overboard song and also the extended bloopers from the movie on Sound Click, which you can listen to through the MP3 player below. Here are the direct links:

Right now I'm working on turning the “Gnome Overboard” song in the movie into a music video. I hope it won't take me more than a week. I also have a script written up for a new Oxhorn Brand movie, which I hope to start working on next week.

To celebrate, I treated myself to five movies over the weekend. My consensus?

Just in case you were wondering.

Here are the past two week's video reviews: