Howdy folks, and welcome! I have a day job that I love, but every night I spend only one hour working on websites to generate a passive income for my family. This blog is where I chronicle my efforts.

Why Only One Hour?

In 2012, my wife gave birth to our first child, and I found myself with far less time. When I got married, my uncle told me not to become a workaholic, and I took that to heart. I’ve limited myself to one hour of work every night so I can spend my evenings with my family, and watch my children grow up. In that spirit, this blog is part chronicle of my passive income exploits, and part chronicle of my daily life.

I know that if I spent a solid eight hours a day doing nothing but online marketing, I could generate a steady income that rivals and eventually surpasses my salaried income from my day job. However, that’s not my goal. I actually really enjoy my day job, and I have no intention to ditch it. Instead of playing video games or watching TV, my hobby is to build websites and write, which I just so happen make profitable. I started this blog to share my techniques with those who are interested.

If you want to turn online marketing into a career, many of my one-hour tips will come in handy (my day job is in online marketing). So read on dear fellows, and happy creating!

Where to Begin

Visit the blog section of this website and subscribe to learn what I’m working on, and get inspired to work on your own projects.

Need a place to start? Try this list of articles, which I will update as needed:

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More About Your Humble Author

Here are a few links where you can learn a bit more about me.