About Me

Welcome to my site! My name is Brandon and I make machinima movies using video game artwork. I am a writer at heart, and machinima is a great way for me to tell a story. I also write books, short stories and songs, and maintain an active blog.

I graduated from the University of Washington with my BA in history with an emphasis on ancient and classical history. I've worked as a machinima artist for MTV Networks, and most recently, as the Creative Director at WeGame.com

I hope you enjoy the site! You can watch all my movies by clicking the Movies tab, and you can read up on my characters by clicking the Characters link from there. You can buy my CD which has original songs and skits, and you can chat with me and the Oxhorn Brand community in the chat room and on the Forums. You can find seriously sweet Oxhorn swag in the Shop and you can read some of my short stories and novel excerpts in the Writings section. Enjoy your stay, and God bless!

Contact info:
staghorn AT gmail DOT com





Cast Bios

Nathan Allen Pinard – Composer

Nathan composes all original scores for my movies, and also orchestrates all my songs. He has exceptional talent, professional experience and is a great guy. He is 29 years old and lives in Portland Oregon. Nathan's studio, Pinard Productions, specializes in creating realistic orchestral compositions for film, TV, and other media. Nathan is available for a variety of musical projects. Check out his website at www.NathanAllenPinard.com.





Candace Holly – Actress

  • Candace is a very talented voice actress. You can see everything she is up to from her website, www.candaceholly.com.

Mark Pfaff – Actor

  • Mark Pfaff is an old friend of mine whom I roped in to voice Staghorn and Lacy from my Inventing Swear Words series. He doesn't play World of Warcraft, but he is a good sport when it comes to my finicky directing. He loves coffee, music, and is currently single...


Q. "Your movies rock! Can you teach me how to make machinima?"

A. Thank you! I have written two machinima guides which you can read here and here. I've also produced machinima tutorials which you can watch here. Machinima is a fun and rewarding hobby that I have been blessed enough to turn into a living. It is still a lot of work, and so don't get frustrated if you make a few bad movies. Just keep making movies—that is the important thing!

Here is a list of my machinima tutorials so far, listed in order:

Q. "Can I be in your next movie? Can I be a voice actor?"

A. Thank you for the offer! I do most of the voice acting myself and have a few friends who help me out when I need it. I also don't record any characters in the actual game, but instead composite in my own characters. Thanks for offering to be an actor anyhow!

Q. "I really like your songs! Can I have them on MP3?"

A. You bet! I recently released an album which contains all of my best music and has four brand new original skits. You can buy my MP3 album at the following online retailers:

Q. "Can I buy your music on CD?"

A. You bet! You can buy a physical, pressed copy of my CD, complete with jewel case, cover art and insert, on Amazon.com:

  • Amazon On Demand (coming soon!)

Q. "I would like to advertise my product or website in your movies. Are you interested?"

A. Maybe. Blizzard allows me ten seconds of space for sponsorship or advertisements in my movies. I place all sponsorship at the end of my movies during the credits, and since I have a reputation for having funny credits, people tend to watch them all the way through. I'd love to talk with you about it, so be sure to email me with your proposal at staghorn AT gmail DOT com.

Q. "Where does the art from your movies come from?"

A. I use video game art from Blizzard's massive multiplayer online role playing game, World of Warcraft. I have found WoW to be the perfect medium with which to make my movies. All original art is done by myself, unelss otherwise stated in the credits.

Q. "What server do you play on?"

A. Silver Hand.

Q. "Do you still play World of Warcraft?"

A. Making machinima takes a lot of time. I had to make a choice--do I make machinima, or do I play the game? I chose to make machinima. I log into the game often, but only ever to shoot footage for a new movie.