Howdy all, this is Brandon. For the sake of transparency, you should know that almost all items promoted on this website are part of my affiliate marketing strategy, which means that I get a percentage of every purchase made from the links on my website. While I don’t personally test all products on this website, as the owner of a resplendent beard, I do test many of them. I never promote an item that I think is unsafe, or that I don’t believe is a good item for people to use. That said, be sure to read all the instructions and warning labels with everything you buy on the Internet EVER. Protip.

Sometimes people contact me, wanting me to promote their items. I generally say no, unless they send me a sample and I like it. They must also either have their items for sale on or, or they must have an affiliate program enabled on their own websites. Then, I may promote it on

So, just to recap, this website is a for-profit, shamelessly capitalistic venture of mine, designed to make me more money—and yet, somehow, I have still been able to retain a pristine golden center of honesty within my cold, industrial heart.

What a quandary.