For years, I hosted my websites on Homestead, knowing nothing of web design. One day in 2007, a fan offered to make a website for me. We worked together for months designing my beautiful old website, until the happy day came to publish it. When I needed to make a website update, I contacted him and he made it for me. It was a great gig.

Then one day my friendly web genie read a religious discussion my fans and I were having in my old Runboard forum. Upon discovering I was a Christian, he abruptly abandoned my website, saying he wouldn’t help hatemongers. I realize this sounds simplistic and one-sided, but that’s really what happened.

So, I downloaded Dreamweaver and started my journey learning how to edit and design websites. I maintained and improved my old website until 2009, when I converted it to WordPress, which it runs on today.

Below are the archives of my old website. Please forgive the Comic Sans. I promise, I didn’t know any better. At least it wasn’t Parchment.

Archived Content

Archived Updates