The first creative works of story-telling that I ever released to the public were my games. I began working on my first game in the summer of 2000, finished it in the spring of 2001 and released the final version of my last game in May of 2002. I have not worked on my games since, although the stories of all my games became the foundation of my Nurith War trilogy and my completed novel, The Tale of Cloran Hastings. You can read more about them in the Novels section.

Here you can download and play my three games. They are Role-Playing Games, designed so that the player must build up his party so that he can defeat enemies, in order to advance through the story.

These games were created with a program called RPG Maker for the Playstation console. You must have RPG Maker in order to play my games, as well as the Playstation console. In order to transfer my games onto a memory card for your Playstation, you need a DexDrive. Click here for links and complete information on how to acquire these items.

Click on the following banners in order to download and read more information about my three games; Tsebaoth - The Nurith War; The Tale of Cloran Hastings; and Nissi - The Return of the Noths.

Tsebaoth - The Nurith War is the first of my three games. From here the whole trilogy and other side stories evolved. Because this was my first game, it is not as polished as my other two, since I was still learning the program.
Tsebaoth is one of the Hebrew names of God meaning "Lord of Hosts" or "The Warlike Nature of God".

Nissi - The Return of the Noths was the third and final game I ever made. It is the sequel to Tsebaoth - The Nurith War.
This is by far the most complex, long and polished of all my games, and won the most awards.

Nissi is one of the Hebrew names of God meaning "The Lord is my Banner".


The Tale of Cloran Hastings is not part of my trilogy, but was
a side story within the world that the Nurith Wars took place
in. This story takes place many years after the events in The Return of the Noths. This was my most popular game because
of its small size, short story and relatively easy gameplay.

It has become my first novel, and is 82 thousand words long. This game is a far cry from my book, but it was the