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Last updated 08.03.09

I have a new website! This one will no longer be updated.

Please update all bookmarks to:

This site will stay around as an archive, but all my future updates will take place at I hope you like the new site!



Whew, what a week! Where to begin?

I finished all audio recording for the new movie. Our very good Jesse Cox is guest starring as a number of characters in this movie, so it wont just be my voice this time. This week I will edit the audio and start on the video.

As a bit of a sneak peek, the regulars in my chat room saw me record my lines last week. I recorded the session, and you can watch it here:

WARNING: Spoiler alert! Don't watch the above video if you are afraid of hearing some potential spoilers.

My website redesign is well underway. I hope to have it done in time for next Monday's update. The new website will have everything this one does, including:

  • An interactive image gallery of fan art
  • A new forum that is integrated with the main site (no ads, one sign up!)
  • The ability to post comments on my weekly updates, movie pages, and rate them
  • Lots of other stuff!

Have an idea for the new site? Is there some feature that you really wish I had? Let me know in the forums and I'll try to implement it this week.

Casual Connect was a blast! For those who don't know, I was at a casual gaming conference all last week. I took lots of images and even recorded a few of the live demonstrations. I also have a Wii Punch Out! one too that I didn't bother to produce. Let me know if anyone is interested in seeing it:

Casual Connect Image Highlights

Casual Connect Video Demonstrations

Well, if all goes according to plan, this will be the last update for this old site. It has been a good little site, and has served us well. No need to update your bookmarks! will direct you to the new site when I launch it, hopefully this coming Monday.

So, enjoy the movies, and stay classy!


Lots of news! Let's get to it.

I'm redesigning this site to be more user-friendly and better house my content. I have no ETA on when I will launch it, but it is well on its way to being done. The URL and so forth will not change, so no need to update bookmarks or anything. Stay tuned!

This week I will be attending Casual Connect in Seattle. It is the largest casual gaming convention in the world, and should be loads of fun. Be sure to follow my Twitter stream for moment-by-moment updates, and my Flickr page for convention pics! Some "behind the scenes" shots are already up there. I may produce a video for it, like I did for E3. We'll see.

I finished the script for my new movie! Casting and recording will take place this week, but I'm not sure how much filming and editing I'll get done, because of the conference. I'll try to work on it when I can. What is the movie about? Well, I'll give you a hint: it resolves the back-story for one of my characters. Which one? Guess in the forums, hehe.

As you may have already noticed, I changed the chatroom a bit. Only I can stream live video now, due to abuse, but everyone can chat in the room as usual. This week I won't be on much because of the convention, but I am usually in the room for a few hours every day. I'll also be hosting a weekly live show in the room called “Movies, Smoke Rings and Rum”. It will air Thursdays at 8:00 pm Pacific. I may not be able to do one this week because of the convention, but I'm not sure yet. Stay tuned.

Lots of fan art! We had a few fine fellows hop in the chat room and hear me bewail my lack of desktop wallpapers. They responded by making some of their own:

Our good Ryan Straub has made a new Facebook quiz for Oxhorn fans! Check it out here:

I'm still getting into the swing of things with my blog. Here are last week's updates:

Whew, that's it for this week! See you in the Chat, on the Forums or next Monday.


It's Monday! I hope yours pleases you every which way plus awesome.

Whew, I took last week off from movie making, and it felt great! Still, I got a lot done.

First, major thanks to YouTube, who spotlit my new movie yesterday. The movie jumped from 30,000 to 200,000 views overnight because of it—wow! Thanks a bunch YouTube! also featured both of my recent movies, so thanks!

A mother held up her baby to her monitor and played ROFLMAO! This has got to be the cutest thing I've seen:

Toby sent us some awesome fan art of Oxhorn and Hat—thanks Toby!

I uploaded ALL my old movies to Oxhorn TV, Vimeo, and my video podcast. For some reason, my video podcast errored out when converting four of my movies for the podcast, but it worked fine on the rest. I am working with to figure this out. Also, for some reason, Vimeo did not register a number of my older movies as widescreen, when I rendered them to be widescreen. Not sure how to fix this. Oxhorn TV, however, plays all my movies perfectly.

Of you haven't checked out Oxhorn TV, there is also an “on demand” feature. If you don't like the current movie the TV player is playing, just click “on demand” and select which movie you would like to watch. There are like 40 of them in there now, so you wont be short on options!

I also went into the Movies section and replaced all the YouTube embeds with Vimeo embeds—I'm paying for it, so I might as well use it, heh. In the process, I managed to break the hover-over buttons but... eh, I'll fix it later.

I redesigned my blog to make it look more like my website (finally). Let me know in the forums if you guys like it. I am also considering redesigning this website to function like my blog. Let me know if you all would like that, or would prefer I keep the site as it is.

Here are last week's blog updates. I kinda slacked off near the end of the week, sorry.

Well, that was my week off. Now to work on more movies. Woot.


It's Monday! I hope yours pleases you every which way plus awesome.

At last, I have released my new movie, Gnome Overboard! Pick your poison:

This took me about two months to make, only because I changed jobs, did a project for a client, moved to a new state and produced 3 other videos at the same time. I expect my next movie to come out characteristically quickly.

If you missed it, last week I released a short 4th of July video, which you can watch here:

We have some new fan art from TaurenMan. Thanks TaurenMan!

Our good Ntacman has released a new version of the Oxhorn TV desktop application. Thanks Ntacman!

I've managed to keep up with my goal of one new blog post a day so far. Here are last week's posts:

I made a video for a client last week. You can check it out on the SocialCast website ("Demo Video", lower right-hand corner):

That's it for this week. Think I'm going to take a nap.



Happy Independence Day!

I released a short little video for the 4th of July, just for fun. I hope you guys like it!