How to Install WordPress on Bluehost

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When I’m not working, I make websites and publish articles, which makes me enough monthly income to pay the rent. It’s about time I sat down and shared with you my strategies for creating blogs that people want to read.

I own many websites. My most popular one, Grow a Beard Now, gets around 70,000 visits a month. It’s a real pleasure to write something and know that thousands of people will read it.


But I didn’t start at 70,000. For over a year, my website traffic looked like this.


We all have to start somewhere. For you, you get to start here. I’m going to start from the very beginning and walk you through the process of creating a brand new website from scratch.

In this short video, I show you how to purchase an affordable web host, buy a new domain for your website, and install the engine of your website–Wordpress.

Step 1) After logging in to your new dashboard, click “Home”. Then, click the “Install WordPress” link.


Image showing how to install wordpress on bluehost.

Step 2) On the next page, choose your domain from the drop-down list, and click “continue”.

Choosing a domain when installing wordpress on bluehost.


Step 3) On the next page, check that you agree to the terms, and click “Install Now”.

Choose the install now button.


Step 4) All done! Click on your domain name to view your new website. To log in, click on the “wp-admin” URL.

And you're done!


I plan to produce an entire series on web design and desktop publishing, so let me know in the comments how you like this tutorial. Next up will be:

  • How to choose and install a theme.
  • Basic plugins
  • Must-have advanced plugins
  • The difference between posts and pages
  • Creating your first post
  • Creating your first page
  • SEO for WordPress
  • Responsive Design
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Desktop publishing

I’ve been using Bluehost since 2004 to host my websites. I chose them because they are affordable, but I stick with them because they have excellent support. The cheapest option is what’s called “shared hosting”, which is perfectly adequate for most hosting needs. Once your websites really take off, you’ll need to upgrade to a “virtual dedicated server”, or a VPS. Those packages come in prices ranging from $20 to $90 a month. I choose the $20 a month version, which is powerful enough to host all my websites.

Note that I hosted all my websites on shared hosting until late last year, so shared hosting is just fine for almost everyone. Many hosting environments get bogged down by WordPress, but I have had great success with Bluehost.

Get Bluehost

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