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  • Tunecore Hacked

    I use Tunecore to send my music to iTunes, Spotify, and other streaming media services. Tunecore was hacked. Intruders accessed my and others’ data in November, but I see hacking complaints from Tunecore users going as far back as May online. We have no way to know how long hackers had access to our data […]

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  • And We’re…Back?


    Before my my Panda hit, I was averaging 7,400 visits a day. After, I went down to 4,700 a day. Now, I am up to 7,000 a day and growing, nearly to where I was before my penalty. It appears that I have mostly recovered from my Panda penalty which I recorded here last September. Click the […]

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  • Tips We Can Learn From Best Sellers

    Every month, I gather a list of the top best sellers and best converters on my beard website, and email beard vendors (those who make beard care items) with the information. This allows me to open the door to conversation, and gain new advertisers. Here is an example of my letter from October. You can […]

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  • Increase Amazon Conversion Rate = Make More Money


    My beard website makes me money because it is an Amazon affiliate website. When I link to items on Amazon, and when my viewers makes purchases, I get a small percentage of that purchase. Amazon rewards you with higher commissions the more items you sell each month, as you can see in Amazon’s compensation overview. While you start […]

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  • Content Length Doesn’t Trigger Panda


    I’ve spent the past few days looking at the data. What I’ve discovered flies in the face of our accepted understanding of how Panda works. When I first wrote about my Panda penalty, I got a lot of advice saying things like “add more text to your homepage” or “your site content is thin. Add more […]

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  • Step 2 – Recovering from Panda 4.1


    I’m sitting here, 11:00 at night, smoking a cheap cigar and plotting. It’s been a few days since I removed all ads above the fold on my beard website, in hopes that Google would revoke their Panda penalty. During that time, I’ve been focusing on all the little things you have to do when you […]

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  • Recovering from Panda 4.1 – Step 1


    Wow. What a whirlwind of a day. So yesterday I recounted how my beard website, which is my money site, got hit by Panda 4.1, reducing my traffic by 50%. I wrote it quickly and it certainly wasn’t my most eloquent diatribe. In fact, I was mainly venting. I posted it to, which is […]

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  • Devastated by Panda 4.1


    A few days ago, I noticed that my traffic was sliced in half. This is traffic to my biggest money maker, my beard website. I discovered this drop in traffic on Tuesday, and immediately flipped into crisis mode. I checked all possible explanations. I called my hosting provider to see if there had been an outage. […]

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  • Amazon CPM Ads Review


    Bloggers appear to be in love with Google AdSense (which is often accurately referred to as blogger wellfare), but there are many other ad networks out there you can take advantage of to monetize your blog. Amazon just released Amazon CPM Ads, and they are pretty impressive. A while ago, I opted into what was […]

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  • How a Link from Huffington Post Bumped Me to Page 1

    A backlink from The Huffington Post

    On Sunday August 3rd, I noticed a significant spike in traffic to my beard website. Traffic leaped by 2,000 visits that day. I was thrilled, but didn’t think much of it. Until the next day beat my all-time traffic record. As the days ticked on, my traffic appeared to be leveling out at a new, much […]

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