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Every month, I gather a list of the top best sellers and best converters on my beard website, and email beard vendors (those who make beard care items) with the information. This allows me to open the door to conversation, and gain new advertisers.

Here is an example of my letter from October. You can use it for inspiration for getting advertisers for your site.

Top 10 Best Converters

These are the top-10 best converting items. People who followed a link from my website to view these items on Amazon were more likely to buy them. The percentage next to the item is the conversion rate (so, for the first item, 28.5% of the people who clicked on the link, bought the item). I made sure to only include links that sold at least 10 units.

  1. Beeswax Pellets – 28.5%
  2. Gold-Dachs Hungarian Beard Wax – 19.2%
  3. Bearded Goon Beard Wax – 15.5%
  4. Beeswax Bars – 14.29%
  5. Organic Shea Butter – 12.5%
  6. Honest Amish Beard Wax – Original – 11.7%
  7. Glass Eyedropper – 10.4%
  8. Measuring Cylinder – 9.6%
  9. Mini Measure Shot Glass – 7.4%
  10. Honest Amish Beard Wax – Extra Grit – 7.1%

There are many things we can learn from this data.

Product Opportunities

There are two different beard waxes in my list of top 10 best sellers AND best converters–both made by the same company. Clearly there is interest from consumers, but there are few beard waxes to choose from. One of the reasons I promote Honest Amish beard waxes is because they offer a wide range of waxes. The few other beard waxes I have found try to be both mustache and beard waxes, or act more like pomade than wax.

I believe there is significant opportunity for vendors to craft their own lines of beard waxes to compete with Honest Amish, especially since they are just as easy to make as mustache waxes (just add a tad more shea butter). Vendors tend to focus on Beard Oil because it is “the thing” these days. But if you look at my list, only one brand of beard oil makes my top 10 (Medicine Man, and only because I promote it as a solution to beard itch on my beard itch guide). Because consumers have such a wide range of beard oils to choose from, no one beard oil takes the top prize. (Indeed, I move multiple hundreds of bottles of beard oil each month, divided by dozens of different beard oil brands).

Beard Balms are becoming more popular. Oil is #10 in my best seller list, defeated by waxes, balms, washes, and conditioners. I know that beard oil is easy to make, but vendors who only produce beard oil are missing out on significant opportunities to sell balms, waxes, washes, and conditioners.

Lastly, there is demand for items that improve beard growth. 3 of my top 4 best sellers are items that improve beard growth. Right now, I have to promote non-beard-specific shampoos and growth serums because there simply are no “beard growth shampoos” or reputable beard growth serums. The vendor that makes these items will do well.

Price is an Issue

Consumers are becoming more concerned about price. I can prove this because the top selling beard oil in my list is $8 per ounce (Medicine Man). The second best selling (Bay Lime Beard Oil) didn’t make my list, but it still sold well at $3.3 per ounce. Compare this to other beard oils which go for $25-$30 per ounce. Clearly, consumers are doing the price-per-ounce math and choosing value first.

This is also demonstrated by the surge of interest in do-it-yourself beard oil and beard balms. One of the items in my top-10 list is a mini funnel, which is confusing until you see my guide to crafting your own beard oil, which does well on search engines. Indeed, 6 of the 10 best converting items in my list are not beard care items, but rather beard oil and balm crafting supplies, thanks to my recent guide on how to make your own beard balm.

This tells us that there is demand for a cheaper beard oil. While the industry may balk at such a suggestion, the savvy vendor will produce a line of cost-effective beard oils to take advantage of this demand before the market naturally drags down the price of beard oil (as it eventually will).

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